Aukse & Tadas

It happens more and more these days that just from the first few lines of the e-mail I receive from the couple I know they are my kind of people.

Aukse and Tadas were married in Aukse’s hometown, in a beautiful Church just next to the Castle. September fog gave a certain sense of mystery and romance. Their friends and families blessed them and everyone gifted them books. And because they (and me too) have lately lived in other countries, we all felt like kids exploring the most beautiful places nearby that felt both strangely familiar and unknown at the same time. He played with her long beautiful hair and they let the sun set behind the clouds. I saw boats in the distance and them holding hands, making new dreams.

Wise people say you have to be here and now, and that is how I work behind the lenses. But the moment I packed my cameras and hugged them goodbye, I could not resist making new dreams too - for them, for me, and for everyone - may we give and receive true love.

On a practical note, Aukse makes the most delicious apple cake.
And I stop here. It is clear to everyone that these are two of my favourite people now. And here are some images from their day.

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